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  • The future of tennis footwear is here. 4 years of development and testing with the world’s best tennis footwear engineers, Wilson are proud to introduce you to a revolutionary product that is a true game changer. WHY GLIDE? You’ll cover more court in fewer steps as you move, slide, hit and recover to the next ball up to 30% faster. Enhances natural speed, agility and quickness by providing the right amount of slide and traction. Allows for commanding shots on the run, even stretched out wide shots. Let’s you control forward and lateral slide on hard court. Remember: Training is an important part of perfecting the slide on hard-court and getting the most out of the Glide shoe.

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    • WHAT TYPE OF PLAYER SHOULD USE GLIDE? Glide is made for competitive players who want to evolve with the new, faster speed of tennis. Glide enhances players’ speed and agility by providing a shoe solution that allows them to slide on hardcourt. It’s for players who want to speed-up recovery to the next ball for better shot preparation, defense, and commanding shots on the stretch. Clay players accustomed to sliding will have a natural transition to using Glide on hardcourts, while players new to sliding will require some footwork training to learn how to use the shoe. IS TRAINING NECESSARY WHEN FIRST USING GLIDE? Yes, you’ll need to train with Glide before playing. Wilson has developed a Glide training method that will help you learn how to slide with Glide. Watch the Glide training video.

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