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    • The Skoogle goggle is the perfect accessory for building your child's confidence in the water. Available in a range of fun, bright colours so your child can pick their favourite, these goggles are child-friendly and are easy to adjust. The UV filter protects your child's eyes from the sun making them ideal for outdoor swimming and holidays. They also have...

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    • Help improve technique and increase muscle tone The Biofuse Power Paddle creates water resistance making your arms, shoulders and back work harder, faster and better. Increase muscle tone, Endurance®, speed and distance per stroke whilst improving stroke technique with this powerful paddle. It encourages high elbows and proper hand entry into the water...

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    • Made with Speedo Biofuse® technology for maximum comfort and fit Engineered for maximum resistance in water Increases upper body strength and power Ergonomically engineered shape for improved grip and reduced hand fatigue Stiff blade with thermoplastic rubber overmoulding for optimum power transfer and comfort. Paddle: polypropylene and thermoplastic...

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    • R 550.00 Product available with different options

      This training fin is designed to increase speed through the water. These fins feature Speedo BioFUSE® technology for comfort and improves lower body strength and ankle flexibility. Speedo BioFUSE® is engineered to perform with your body, offering superior comfort through fit. The human body combines the structural strength of the skeleton and the...

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    • Our training aids are designed to help you get the most from your swim workout. Each training aid will work a particular part of your body, so you can focus on increasing strength, stamina or tone where it suits you. 

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    • Engineered to promote optimum hand position in the water and improve stroke technique Hydrodynamic design for optimum contact with water Unique air foil shape to improve hand lift motion Flow holes improve aquatic sensitivity Paddle: polypropylene, Strap: latex

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    • Forcing the lower body to work harder for better leg strength Improve leg strength and focus on your kick technique with the Elite kickboard. By isolating the lower body, the increased buoyancy of the Kick Board encourages improved strength and leg muscle, forcing your lower body to work harder in the water. Designed around the way you grip it for a...

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    • Forcing your body to work harder for a stronger, faster swim Acting as both a pullbuoy and kickboard, the Elite Pullkick helps you make the most of every minute of your workout. From arms, helping to isolate upper body muscles forcing them to perform your propulsion, to legs doing the same thing for your lower body. The increased and Endurance® enhancing...

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    • R 330.00 Product available with different options

      Challenge your upper body strength for stronger arms and more speed Suitable for a range of different strokes, the Elite Pullbuoy allows you to focus on your arm technique and perfect everything from your backstroke to butterfly. By isolating the muscles in the upper body, it forces your arms to propel your body through the water, resulting in stronger...

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