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The Power heel is a lightweight strap-on heel that can fitted to an inov-8 shoe to increase stability and support when weightlifting. It offers an angled drop which helps you get deeper into the squat and drive the bar high, knowing your balance is secured. It gives you the versatility you need when you want a weightlifting shoe for the Olympic lifts in part of your WoD.

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    Can natural ability be learned?
    The short answer is 'Yes'. The long answer: 'Hell yes'.
    Our feet have been taken down the wrong path too long. 
    Seek natural movement. Let the foot control the shoe.

    Years before anyone else inov-8 pioneered the 'Arrow System', reducing differential from heel to toe, helping athletes improve their own performance. 

    inov-8 products starts at 3 Arrows. You can start wherever you like. 3 Arrows gives the biggest heel to toe drop in the inov-8 range, about half that in overly cushioned overly structured shoes. As you drop arrows you tend to drop weight and cushioning, you tend to gain proprioception and speed. Reach Zero for a pure performance shoe – lightweight, stripped-back and fast. Dominate-the-race kind of fast. 

    Athletes not yet conditioned for natural running choose 3 Arrows. Same goes for those wanting a shoe for long endurance sessions, although we do tailor our products to each terrain. If you're introducing stripped back shoes into shorter sessions choose 2 or 1.

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