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  • Rocky

    Rocky pride themselves on providing high quality merchandise at great prices! Rocky Footwear clothing and camping equipment is sold throughout South Africa and Namibia.

  • Skins

    In 1996, an Aussie skier had a bold ambition to feel ten years younger so he could ski all day, party all night and be ready the next morning do it all again.

    His starting point was the knowledge that improved blood circulation would supply more oxygen to his muscles, helping them work harder for longer and recover faster. So he consulted with NASA and other experts to confirm he was on to something. Turns out he was.

    Soon word got out that there were these things called SKINS that improved your power, speed, stamina and recovery. Pro athletes were the first to start wearing them. Before long, amateur athletes joined the party

  • Wildebees

    African grasslands and typical african toned sand , is blurred into the background of our pattern which helps you blend into dry arid winter grassland and savanna zones perfectly.

    We are often stalking in the canopy of thorn trees. Our aim is to have the confidence to become one with our surroundings. Sekelbos bark on our pattern is rough like nature and colours vary from medium brown to almost black in the shadows with contrast of white and grey moss on the bark. These dark and light tones are critical in creating contrast which creates visual confusion making you unrecognisable to your prey.

    The pattern consists of high definition Sekelbos and acacia thorns, dried out Sekelbos pods and perfectly sized Sekelbos leaves, We took great care to ensure the green Sekelbos leaves in our pattern adds to mid seasonal tones, which allows the hunter to disappear into these thorny environments but at the same time the effect is a dry winter brown pattern with minimal green tones.

  • Wilson

    The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois. Since 1989, it has been a foreign subsidiary of the Finnish group Amer Sports.

    Wilson makes equipment for many sports, among them badminton, baseball, basketball, softball, Canadian football, American football, golf, racquetball, soccer, Padel, squash, tennis, and volleyball.


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